About Us


-Tissue Culture(Meristem culture, callus culture, adventitious organogenesis, synthetic seed technology)
-Microbiology(Anti-microbial activity)
-Food Microbiology & Food Biochemistry
-Phytochemical analysis(qualitative and quantitative analysis)
-Mushroom spawn production/cultivation

-Registration open for Life Science/
Biotechnology/ Microbiology/ Biochemistry/
Environmental Science students registered
for B. Sc., M. Sc., B. Tech., M. Tech.,
B. Pharma, M. Pharma, etc. towards
training/projects work.

FEE STRUCTURE for Summer/Winter/Customized

-3 WEEKS Rs.5000/-
-1 Month Rs.6000/-

FEE STRUCTURE for Desertation Program

-2 Month Rs.10000/-
-3 Month Rs.12000/-
-4 Month Rs.16000/-
-6 Month Rs.20000/-

Why Join Us;
- Small batch for individual focus.
- A very subsidized training fees within India.
- Research paper publication opportunity and many more.

How to apply:

Apply/contact through given mail id,

Email id-cptcbinfo@gmail.com
Contact us-9777761525

Company Profile

Centre For Plant Tissue Culture And Biotchnology is a company in existance for the past 2 years. The company excelled in proving high quality plants to farmers, industries and Government departments in Odisha and exported to several State and Abroad.
Understanding the value of use of cutting-edge technology balanced with traditional knowledge and practices, we are committed for useful products through our research and development. Out of passion to incept the friendship with technologies for sustainable agriculture development and prosperity, the company was got incorporated under Indian Company Act, 1956 as Centre For Plant Tissue Culture And Biotchnology better known as CPTCB.We are greatly motivated and abided to best serve the farmers, industries and Government departments in India and abroad with quality of produce, processes and chains in agriculture. The focus is on propagating material, of national and international origin, Contract Farming, Bio-fertilizers and Seeds Production.

Vision: To be the best in innovative products and service for the ultimate aim of agro-prosperity.

To become India's most innovative, promising and growth oriented company with prime focus on the development of the agriculture society.

To make friendship with cutting edge technology for agro prosperity.

To congregate the budding and established professionals under one roof to support, promote and authorize the promising sustainable quality products and service adhered to it.

To attain the sustainable development of farms and to let farmers to live a life of meaning.

To make friendship with cutting edge hi-technology for agro prosperity.

To serve the mother earth retaining her productivity and quality.

To introduce the new methods, tools, techniques and resources for advanced.

cultivation practices to draw maximum benefits of agriculture.

To support farmers to raise thy socio-economic status.

To fulfil the demands for excellence in new era brining everyone prosperity and happiness by providing the excellent service.