Tissue Culture Products


-Tissue Culture(Meristem culture, callus culture, adventitious organogenesis, synthetic seed technology)
-Microbiology(Anti-microbial activity)
-Food Microbiology & Food Biochemistry
-Phytochemical analysis(qualitative and quantitative analysis)
-Mushroom spawn production/cultivation

-Registration open for Life Science/
Biotechnology/ Microbiology/ Biochemistry/
Environmental Science students registered
for B. Sc., M. Sc., B. Tech., M. Tech.,
B. Pharma, M. Pharma, etc. towards
training/projects work.

FEE STRUCTURE for Summer/Winter/Customized

-3 WEEKS Rs.5000/-
-1 Month Rs.6000/-

FEE STRUCTURE for Desertation Program

-2 Month Rs.10000/-
-3 Month Rs.12000/-
-4 Month Rs.16000/-
-6 Month Rs.20000/-

Why Join Us;
- Small batch for individual focus.
- A very subsidized training fees within India.
- Research paper publication opportunity and many more.

How to apply:

Apply/contact through given mail id,

Email id-cptcbinfo@gmail.com
Contact us-9777761525

Tissue Culture Products

We produce several varieties of Banana, including 'Sona' our exclusive offering.

We produce many varieties of banana using carefully selected disease and virus free elite mother plants. The production process ensures uniform mutation free saplings
Grand Naine: Dessert Banana with sweet taste. Its fruit size is 10-12 inches and fruit color is solid green when young, turning to pale green when ripened. Grand Naine can yield 30-35 kgs per plant.
Sona: The Sona variety of Banana has a strong pseudostem so propping is not required for the bunch and it yields better than Grand Naine! The longer and thicker fruit fetches higher price than Grand Naine.
Williams:This tall cavendish gives excellent yield even in poor soil and doesn't require support for the bunch.
We ship Banana plants internationally, accompanied with a virus indexing certificate if needed. Contact us for further information.